Hi, I am Lydia!

I am a portrait photographer currently living in Minneapolis, I started my photography journey like anyone else... sneaking away with my parent's camera and taking hundreds of photographs of my dog, flowers or bugs. Finding myself spending hours in my school's darkroom, constantly watching how light falls on subjects, and finding ways to manipulate that light.

That passion quickly blossomed into a career, where I get to create beautiful and empowering images that capture the essence and soul of those around me.



"Lydia Smith is an extremely talented photographer. She not only can create eye catching, beautiful images, she also is able to capture the emotion in every shot. Working with Lydia is a treat as well. I always imagined our engagement photos would be stiff and posed because my fiancé and I are both awkward in front of the camera. Her bubbly personality, though, creates a such an open, fun, and stress-free environment that it allowed my fiancé and I to break out of our shells. Our engagement photos were then"

—Anna & Matt

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